Monday, 30 September 2013

3D rotation reflective summary

I don’t think I struggled hugely with the tasks in 3D in terms of completing them however I don’t think the work I produced was as good as some of that as I produced in Fashion and Textiles. I think what I produced was acceptable but I don’t think I pushed myself as much as I could have due to a lack of confidence with 3D design. My feedback for the work I created was positive in that I managed to retain my style throughout the decoration of the structures I made. However, I learnt from the tasks that you must be confident and have no confines in what you create in order to make the most successful and interesting work. We were encouraged to do so but I think a lack of confidence on my part made me quite apprehensive to step out of the basic limits of my 3D abilities. I will use what I have learnt in the future by ensuring that I am confident in what I do and not to worry if things do not work out how I imagine them to. I think the exterior decoration of my structures work well as they convey my style and contain a sense of my personality which distinguishes them. However, I was not happy with the 3D elements of them as they were quite typical and clunky in their design which I think let them down. I found the majority of the 3D week challenging as I was unsure of what I was able to make and so chose quite obvious styles to base my designs on. I can’t say there were any challenges I found easy except possibly the destroying of our structures after testing as I didn't really have much attachment to what I had created. My methods of planning could have definitely been improved as I didn't really think about what I was making or have any considered ideas for the structures which I would never do in any other creative task. This was encouraged however I don’t think it worked particularly well for me due to a lack of knowledge and experience in the subject. I did learn however that there will be tasks that you struggle with and do not work out how you would like but it is important to know that sometimes you must recognise your strengths and know what you are good at.

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