Thursday, 5 September 2013

Burying my sentimental objects.

my initial design

As part of the memory project, we have been instructed to bury the objects we chose as a representation  of our past and present. Initially, I decided to do a physical burial in my back garden as it features in several childhood memories. However, I decided to bury not the objects themselves, but the memory of them within my mind. I created a collage in my sketchbook that represents this which can be seen in this post. 

I added a drawing of the brain from an anatomical colouring book, I bought it in a charity shop, as a representation of my mind

I also decided to add text spelling 'I will bury these objects in my mind alongside my memories' as I am keen to explore the combination of text and image within my work.
 This is the final design I settled for and I think it is effective in displaying the symbolism of the burial of memories within the mind. As a sentimental person, I attach memories to particular objects and so by placing the memories of the objects within the mind, I am combining the idea of object and memory together.I am really pleased I decided to go against the idea of a physical burial as I feel this way is far more significant in mirroring the way, I in particular, deal with memories.

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