Sunday, 29 September 2013

Day 3-3D design

the view from my work space
The third day began with creating sketches of a structure that we would make using spaghetti and a hot glue gun; it also had to be able to hold three plastic balls. I found the sketching quite a difficult process as I struggle with being able to visualise 3D projects without being able to play about with the materials first. The pictures below are of my structure during construction and also the testing of it's strength using the plastic balls and items from my bag. I also decided to make a few little things from spare materials which were a character named spaghetti man and a version of the 02. The last images and video are from the testing of it's strength using a basketball despite my attempts at protecting it.

the mini 02
spaghetti man with my structure

the aftermath of the basketball testing

my structure is at 0.16

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