Monday, 9 September 2013

Further Research into memories-Tracey Emin study.

Tracey Emin, (2011), Hotel International [ONLINE]. Available at: 
[Accessed 09 September 13]

This is an artist that I absolutely adore the work of and had to explore further for this part of the project. Memories are inextricably linked to the work of Emin and her handmade style, present in her applique quilts and monoprints, further creates a personal feel. A particular favourite of mine in the quilt 'Hotel International' (above).
Childhood-Steph Francis
FAMILY-Steph Francis

It features a combination of several memories but I specifically like the date of birth featured on the piece. Birth is the single most important event, excluding death, in someone's life as it is the moment we arrive in this world. However, we are unable to remember this moment for ourselves which is an idea I find really interesting and so I wanted 'The most important day of my life' (at the bottom of this post) to explore this. My piece uses similar fabrics and colours to Emin's work as she is of huge inspiration to me. Within her work, she likes to use fabrics that have sentimental value which further heightens the ideas of memory within her work. The pink blanket at the bottom of 'Hotel International' for example is something she possessed as a child. By having such a personal element to her art, it must prove difficult to share and really gives a sense of sincerity that some may disregard as attention seeking. I understand the difficulty of being so honest in art work as my a2 art project explored my family history and childhood which turned out to be quite an emotional project to delve into. 'FAMILY' (seen above) is my final piece from that project and I want to include it in this post as it relies heavily on memory but comments on my present thoughts about these memories. The other piece ,'Childhood', is something I created in that project which was based on memories of different memories of that time and uses fabric from a childhood duvet cover. The piece below is a small example of what I can do with this idea and style and I am sure I will pursue the use of textiles throughout my work.

The most important day of my life-Steph Francis

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