Sunday, 15 September 2013

Further research into Fashion & Textiles: Fashion illustration

Although this is not strictly related to the studio project we completed this week in the Fashion & Textiles rotation, I decided to explore fashion illustration a little bit as the collages I completed on day two inspired me to use my illustrative style in relation to fashion. I first created two pieces, which can be seen in the pictures below, that relate to fashion illustration:

 I then found an illustrator that I really liked and wanted to use as inspiration to create some fashion illustration. Esra Roise is a freelance illustrator that I found on and this is her website Her work possesses a very beautiful quality and uses fashion related imagery to create a twist on the idea of fashion illustration. The piece is a response to a page in this month's Company magazine and explores the trends of A/W 13. Below is the piece I created in response:

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