Sunday, 15 September 2013

Day 3-Fashion & Textiles

my studio space

Today consisted of the construction of our garments and culminated in a photoshoot based in different areas of the building. My garment is inspired by the shape of tabards and focuses on the decoration of the garment as opposed to it's construction. The front and back pieces are made of white A1 paper and I have used staples to attach the panels to each other. I also used blue felt tabs to attach the middle of the panels. There is a strong illustrative feel to the garment as this is where my interest lies. I have used a selection of materials including graph paper, glitter glue and stickers; I have also drawn onto the paper directly using a selection of markers. Below are some images taken during the photo shoot and have quite a youthful, fun feel to the images:

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  1. I think you have really been able to blossom this week, you clearly have not hesitated putting your stamp on your piece which I think is fantastic and made the piece very distinctive to you. The finish garment is really impressive and makes me want to identify what everything is on the piece. I was fascinated with you collage pieces previously and I think this piece has almost become a huge collage. I think your photography here has been able to capture the piece really well, I especially like the photograph of the subject with her back to us and looking out of the circular window it has contrasted with the garment very nicely. If I could add any critiques or advice I would perhaps tried to photograph the garment as a whole more in more contrasted or unifying places. Looking at your garment I have been able to reflect on my own as well and understand how distinctive the work is. Really good work.