Monday, 9 September 2013

Further research into memories-Peter Blake study.

Peter Blake, (2011), Well this is grand!" said
 Alice [ONLINE]. Available at: http://www.centurion-magazine.
[Accessed 09 September 13].
I chose to look further into the work of Peter Blake a extra research into memories as I have previously studied him and he is one of my favourite artists. His work possesses a strong element of nostalgia and frequently references his past. It was not any of this work that I decided to use as inspiration however but a painting created as part of a set of illustrations for Alice in Wonderland. I chose a photograph from my 3rd birthday party to replicate in watercolours and fine liner. By using watercolours, it allowed me to create a faded feel to the image which highlights the fading nature of memories. It mirrors the lack of clarity we have over the visual elements of a memory and yet certain colours, i.e the yellow in the image, will stand out. I am relatively pleased with how the piece turned out as I feel it captures the moment in time well whilst illustrating various ideas about memory.

Birthdays-Steph Francis

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