Thursday, 5 September 2013

Collages made from sentimental objects.

Along with the drawing (which can be seen in the last post), I completed a series of collages from photocopied versions of the objects. In the pieces, I have experimented with colour, scale and compositions which create new images that combine memories from the past and explore the present through my experiences at Foundation.

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  1. I really find these collages appealing and engaging. They are abstract and confusing to look at but I really like the way you have been able to use your photographs to make such interesting collages. Your style is again enhanced in these images you have been able to create which is really beautiful. My favourite of all the collages would have to be the sleeping beauty collage which you invited your mum and dad's head to be placed within the collage. This collage is personal and obvious links with particular memories therefore you have captured the memory theme. I think that these collages are really playful the only thing which I wish I could see would be perhaps a play with turning the collages into places you found or remember to add another element to the shot.