Thursday, 3 October 2013

Extra sketchbook work-collages and fashion research

This post is a selection of images of extra work I have created that consist of some research into fashion and various designers. It also includes various collages I have made in my sketchbook and the caption will include a short thought or description of the piece.

a double spread of initial research into some designers I wanted to know more about including Christopher Kane and Alexander McQueen
an exploration of different designers that work with illustration in their fashion design, including recent Ravensbourne graduate Josephine Pettman ( who I am a huge fan of, and also a rough t shirt design of mine
this page briefly touches on the heritage of British fashion as it is a huge inspiration to me and these names are some of the first that I discovered when getting into fashion design
a quick collage I made using an image I liked and typography
this explores three of my favourite people: Tracey Emin, Grayson Perry and Grace Coddington
taking a section of a Top Man advert and creating a psychedelic feel to it
using the advert itself and using the name Top Man but twisting it to say Top Lad instead
using some of my favourite collage materials to change Alexa Chung's face and using the phrase 'a Topshop princess' from an Arctic Monkeys song-a band of which the singer is her ex-boyfriend
testing out a design I had in my head on paper and I named it when Big Bird met Barbie- it references child hood imagery through the medium of clothing
a fun collage to make starring the singer of The 1975 and a tie dye effect background
this features the singer of The Maccabees and uses the phrase 'it's all about the cheekbones' as this is what most people commented about when they saw the image
this is a light hearted collage in reaction to Helen Fielding's latest installment of the Bridget Jones series
explores some of the faces most known at the moment for modelling (Cara Delevingne, Jourdan Dunn etc) and uses the phrase 'catwalk happiness' to comment on the often blank faced appearance of models which is beginning to change thanks to the models in this collage

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