Sunday, 29 September 2013

Day 2-3D Design

The O2 on a foggy morning-on the way to college

Today was the second day of the 3D exploratory stage and was focused around the creation of bridges. We began by creating a few mini bridges using paper and pritt stick as a warm up exercise. The pictures can be seen below:

The next stage of the day was to collaborate on the creation of a bridge that could hold the weight of a remote control car. Another criteria was that a table (a fake boat) had to go under the bridge and so we decided to make a draw bridge type structure. This was a very difficult challenge as our ideas seemed to fail consistently to begin with. However, we managed to keep going and actually create a bridge that had both the draw bridge feature and was able to hold the weight of the remote control car. We  also decided to accessorise our bridge with  a sign stating 'We tried' made from glitter despite a reluctance from our tutor Geoff in using glitter and sequins. Below are photos of our bridge, its creation and videos of the testing:


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