Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Day 1-Fashion & Textiles exploratory stage.

my studio area
The fashion and textiles exploratory stage began with exploring the three terms: structure, texture and font. I decided to choose the word texture to explore further and created five samples based on this idea. I struggled with this kind of brief as my style lends itself more to 2D work with added elements of texture as opposed to structures that can be created using paper. The samples I made can be seen in the photo montage below:

my 3D structures

We then had to use one of our samples as inspiration to develop further and create a minimum of ten enlarged pieces. I chose the cylindrical shape with neon orange decoration as I felt it was the most 3D and had the most potential for repeat pieces. I created ten different sized cylinders from white and brown paper and also the cover of a songbook of The Beatles. I wasn't overwhelmed by what I had created as I felt the structures looked quite juvenile and roughly made. As I said previously, the idea of creating 3D structures based on texture quite difficult and so this next stage was not the most productive in terms of possible portfolio worthy work.

The next stage of the day involved working on the mannequins and using the enlarged samples we had made earlier in the day. Initially, we all assumed we would use our own samples to make our garments. However, we were instructed to move along three mannequins and this process was further repeated three times. This process actually turned out to be really enjoyable and gave a really collaborative feel to the day; it was interesting to see the way in which others interpreted the brief. Below is a photo montage of the work that our mini group created using the enlarged samples of others:

We were also instructed to photograph each creation made using our mini group's own enlarged samples after each rotation. This was particularly interesting to see the way in which other people used the shapes and forms, especially as each creation was completely different. Below is a photo montage of the work that others in the group created using our mini group's enlarged samples:

The last stage of the day was to use our own enlarged samples, in our mini group's, to create three different looks. I found this hardest I think as it was the last task and so it was more challenging to find completely new ways of using the forms. This however pushed my creativity and encouraged more experimental thinking. Below is a photo montage of the three looks we created:

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