Monday, 9 September 2013

Creating a timeline of the week.

My initial timeline notes

In order to reflect and collect what we had learnt and created in the first week, we looked into creating timelines and different methods of doing so. Through a presentation, we had a selection of methods and artists that could inspire our own timeline creations. From the chaotic and confusing work of Ward Shelley to the hand written style of Jeremy Deller, there are an abundance of ways to detail time. We also created a rough timeline of our week, which can be seen in the picture below. I decided to keep it quite loose and rough to ensure time was put into thought process and not aesthetics.

My finished timeline
We then were given the day to create a more refined and planned out timeline. To begin, I decided to use a mind map format and this is my preferential way of working but I knew I wanted it to be textured. I also wanted my timeline to reflect a sense of fun and also the social element of the week. As it is the first week, a big part has been talking to new people and so I decided to include quotes from other people in my timeline. After advice to expand from the sketchbook, i created two panels that extend from the bottom of the page. They are heavily typography based and use phrases and words that sum up this weeks experiences and memories. We had a mini crit session at the end of our day in order to gain constructive criticism from each other. 
The good things about my piece were the use of typography, different textures and the variety of colours. The biggest piece of advice was to work completely out of the sketchbook in order for shapes to be more fluid. On the right, is a video of my timeline as it is quite long I wanted the detail from all of it to be seen.

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