Thursday, 19 September 2013

Introduction to I.T: photoshop, illustrator and indesign

Today's session was focused on learning the beginning steps of three crucial programs in the design world. These are illustrator, indesign and photoshop. We began with photoshop and were given our brief of what to create. It had to be an A3 poster with three different elements:

1) a photo that had been edited by photoshop 
2) some kind of graphic logo made on illustrator 
3) body copy of 100-200 words

The subject of the poster had to revolve around the idea of memory and so we began by thinking of possible ideas we could use. I decided to look through my photos to see if that would initiate an idea. I found pictures taken from a day trip to Brighton with my friends and chose to focus on this. I selected two images to work on using photoshop. I wanted to use the image of the pier as a background and the image of myself and a friend as the main image. I also added some elements of poster I wanted to be on there which were the graph paper for the text and the mini ice lollies; they are used to imitate the use of stickers. We then moved onto illustrator and created some kind of logo or header. I decided to create my own font and used thick black connecting lines to spell out Brighton 2012. I wanted to make my own font as despite using a computer, I wanted the work to have a handmade aesthetic. The last program we used was Indesign which is used to place all elements of our poster together. I added the header logo and body copy to the piece. This stage was relatively fast as I only had to add two elements to the piece. Below is my finished A3 poster:

Overall, this day was informative however I was already familiar with all three programs. I did find out things previously unknown to me such as the difference between RGB and CMYK.

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  1. It seems you have been able to use your time on the day's session to create an engaging piece. The outcomes allows me to identify your use of software but most importantly how you went about interpreting the brief. I personally find your outcome quite fun and interesting which is what I hope the memory is about. I find the composition works well with the other elements in your image such as the lollies. I feel you could strengthen this image by having the header in a different colour to make the image more colourful and hinting even more fun. I think it was really lovely that you decided to create your own font because it meant you could stress your concept the way you wanted. From looking at you previous work I can tell you love to hand draw and embellish so this is very fitting for your style. Overall I feel your work has been a success and I wanted to add that is important that you have not been afraid to keep your style using software which I know can be daunting at times translating hand drawn things onto a piece of computer based design.