Thursday, 14 November 2013

Fashion and textiles pathway-design development

Today focused on design development and was about going through the process of designing garments. We also had to spend time taking photographs of details on clothing so we could explore the different details required within garments. The images I took can be seen below:

As my interest in menswear keeps growing, I decided to base my design ideas for men. We began by doing bursts of designing for each type of garment from jackets and trousers to skirts for men. The designs had to be based on a shape of which mine was a circular splodge. After the initial design process, we had to choose five items to do five developments for and then leading to back and front views for five final design ideas for a mini collection. I think I got on quite well with the given task as I do not have a lot of design experience but rather just tried to put my effort into the tasks. I am quite proud with with what I have achieved a sI think I have adapted well to tbe design tasks and managed to speed up my design process throughout the day. From the tasks, I have learnt that you must be quick in initial design stages in order to fully explore an idea. Below are images of all the stages of my design process:

jacket design

collar design

pocket design

skirt design

sleeve design

trouser design


Fashion and textiles pathway-sketchbook workshop and idea development

Today looked at both the use of a sketchbook and idea development. It began with a talk from Rebecca and she went through various elements about the purpose of a sketchbook and how to present one successfully. Below are a selection of tips and notes I made:

-they're not about showing off your work to the teacher but a space to develop ideas

-you should stick in less than you draw
-there is no clear path to a sketchbook and the more obvious it is, the less likely it is a distinction level
-it should consist of mostly primary research eg. Drawings, photos, stand work
-the less writing, the better (make notes to yourself not your tutor)
-always back up your work
-label book along the edge
-put project brief at the beginning
-use spray adhesive and blutac instead of prit stick
We were also told about idea development which I also made some notes about:
-you should isolate images/details that interest you
-start on a double page and then work across the page
-be experimental
-exhaust each image
-initial ideas should be rapid and rough
-you should aim to make 200 ideas in half an hour
-if you are not drawing, then you should record each process continuously
-work until the end of the project and display each step eg. Contact sheets
-aim to have 3 methods or media on a page and make pages touchable and interactive
-include colour and fabric swatches alongside drawings
-work digitally in combination with hand drawn work
-vary presentation according to stages

Questions to ask yourself when you look at each page:
-does the page interest you?
-does it explain your thoughts?
-does the page push an idea?
-is there more than one method or media?
-does it flow?
-does it inspire?

After the talk, we then moved onto an idea development workshop using a 3d item of importance. I chose a locket of my Nana's which features a picture of my grandad and dad. I then photocopied it to create a range of images which I then collaged. We then created 5 drawings based on the object in a variety of media. After this, we then used a sewing machine to draw outlines of our object onto fabric. The next stage was to create small samples based our drawings and so I decided to take the outside shape of the locket and the motif of the chain. We then had to complete 6 double pages of initial design ideas based on the samples. I think I got on well with the task in hand as I tried to be as experimental and open as possible. I am quite pleased with what I achieved as I think it is clear to see the development from an inspiration to design ideas for menswear garments. To improve, I would have been more experimental with my intial design ideas as I find it quite hard to be free and not put a long time into each drawing.

 My Designs: