Monday, 9 September 2013

Blade Runner inspiration.

A closeup of the piece below

We watched the film Blade Runner for inspiration as a key motif in the film is memory. The visual imagery and set design is very strong and memorable but my interest in typography is growing and so have focused on some particular quotes from the film. Before I made the responses, I created a page detailing some of the key motifs of the film. These included animals, memory, eyes and religion. The piece on the right hand side uses a quote from the film 'they're not your memories, they're somebody elses' and small drawn symbols representing these key motifs. I decided to use colours and shapes in this piece that personally had quite a nostalgic feel to further weave in the idea of memory.

The next piece I made is not a direct quote from the film however I think it links two motifs of the film together in that technology plays a big part and so embracing the future is exactly what technology aims to do. Again there is a focus on typography but I have also used a date stamp for the background (08/09/2023) to reference the idea of the future.

The last piece I made in response is centered around a quote from the film: 'more human than human is our motto'. I decided to create a stencil based piece as I think this style posesses uniformity whilst embodying rebellion through its use in street art. Also, stencils can be repeated endlessly yet imperfections begin to occur, much like the clones in the film. I then decided to spray this stencil repeated times onto about a metre and a half of lining paper; this was to create something that represents propaganda posters on a wall. I then used the stencil itself and a mis registered piece to further create work inspired by the dystopian nature of the set.

Creating my stencil
Propaganda wall poster
Stencil covered in reinforced sellotape to create a metal gridded window effect

Mis registered sprayed stencil piece 

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