Sunday, 29 September 2013

Contextual studies: Tine Bech lecture

Today we had the second of our contextual studies lecture featuring a visual artist that specialised in interactive design and public art called Tine Bech ( She talked us through a selecion of projects she had completed including a project involving a spotlight that moved and changed colours as humans interacted with it. She then also discussed another project which explored interaction and play in relation to sound using the medium of wearable capes. It was interesting to hear from someone in a completely different field in comparison to last week's lecture. I also found it interestig in the way she used technology as another medium as opposed to letting it dominate her practise. A big message she pushed in the lecture was the importance of play and revealed that it sculpts the brain as the neurons are active. This means the brain is better at adapting; I found this interesting as I think my work contains quite a playful feel to it and through my use of unusual childlike media, rejects the formalities of maturity in art.

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