Sunday, 29 September 2013

Day 1-3D design

This was the first day of 3D design which we began by doing a series of random drawings that we then had to use as the basis for the creation of several products. We began with this to try and push our designs further and to escape the conventions and formalities of previously made products. Below are two examples with a necklace on the left and an mp3 player on the right:

We then had to create a structure that would support a full bottle of water using only paper and masking tape. I misunderstood the brief and made a case for the bottle, which can be seen below, and so the structrue did not support the bottle whatsoever. However, I quite liked the result of this as the design flattened out into a bow like structure. Below are a selection of pictures of my structure using little figures to illustrate the scale and create an architectural feel:

The last part of the day involved using 4 sheets of cardboard and masking tape to create a structure that would hold our own weight. I struggled with this task initially as 3D design is not my strongest area but manage to create a backless chair like structure that actually proved able to hold my weight. I decided to embellish my structure with a sign stating 'made by Steph', a pattern using a love heart stamp and a smiley face; I wanted it to have quite a jovial, lighthearted feel. 

Josa ( testing out my product

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  1. The first day proved to consist of a lot of factors which you have been able to carry out to a successful level. All of your outcomes have allowed you to put your stamp on with illustrating onto the pieces which I think is really interesting and allowed you separate your piece from everyone else's. The second task on this post shows you trying to make a bottle structure because you did not understand you were unsuccessful in making the support for the bottle however what I think is really lovely is the way you have decorated your piece. As well as the function the appearance of the structure is really important to make it stand out say if it was in a shop as a product, I think in this sense you have been much successful. However perhaps you could try to draw a design on how to improve or how you would go about making a structure to hold the bottle. I think that the structure to support a human is quite engaging also- with the strong spikes and further decorative pattern; which again doing this has separated your creation from someone else. The only thing which this does do is perhaps segregates men from using the support if they were to buy it so I think you could consider a decorative way to make a male equivalent and decorate it too. I really think you are very good at creating prints and putting your stamp on everything you make and is something you should consider further.