Monday, 9 September 2013

Further research into memories-Clive Piercy study.

Clive Piercy is someone I found in a book exploring the sketchbooks of graphic designers. Although his work is not explicitly devoted to memories, it was a few pieces in this book that gave me an idea. He has used typography to detail events such as 'a lovely toscana dinner with Paula, Mick and Annie' and therefore capture memories in text as they happen. I liked the alternative way in which the event had been captured as often we think of memories in a visual way yet a written account can still hold as much sentimentality. I have created a piece inspired by Piercy which can be seen below and is based a selection of both happy and sad memories from my childhood. The piece is called 'I remember' and so as you read each line, you say this phrase. A particular line I like is 'walking into Disneyland Paris for the first time, age 6, and thinking my dreams had come true'. I feel like it captures the moment really well and personally transports me back to that exact time. I have also included a sadder element to this piece as I did not want to feel as if I were excluding elements of my memories in which the work would then lose a sense of honesty. I think this is an idea which I will pursue but with more depth, taking care to explain different sensory elements such as the smells, colours and sounds from each memory.

Clive Piercy, (2011), Clive Piercy / Graphic: Inside the
Sketchbooks of the World’s Great Graphic Designers
Available at:
[Accessed 09 September 13]

I remember...-Steph Francis

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