Friday, 20 September 2013

I.T and academic writing rotation reflective summary

I found this week possibly the most difficult of all as it was the least creatively stimulating. I also found it quite difficult to concentrate for long periods of time on computers as opposed to having actual materials to experiment with. However, I understood the importance of the different tasks and did enjoy the visit to the Tate modern. I think what I achieved was good in terms of quality however  I do not feel it was my best work. I received positive feedback for things such as my poster as one student in particular thought I had managed to retain my style whilst working digitally which can sometimes be difficult. From this week, I have learnt the importance of still trying to concentrate and work hard despite not being instantly inspired by the tasks. I learnt this during the poster making on Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign as I realised I can create work that I like if I put the effort in on learning tricks and tips for these programs. I will use these thoughts in my future work in that if I do not like what I am having to do, I should put just as much effort into it to ensure I do not have elements of my work that are weaker in quality. I think the combination of digital textures is successful in my poster as it matches the kind of work that I create by hand. I was not happy with the poster overall as I don’t think I fully pushed ideas and I kind of chose the easy route. I found this week in general quite challenging as I found concentrating on most elements of it quite difficult. The part I found easiest was writing down my initial thoughts for my review as I felt really passionate about the piece I wrote about. I think my time management and planning wasn't too bad for this week as I seemed to be on top of the tasks we had to complete.  To improve the week in general, I would ask the teachers if I didn't understand something rather than ignoring it as I found in particular the Harvard referencing section of the week quite confusing.

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