Thursday, 5 September 2013

The V and A, Hyde Park and the work created in response.

Today was a trip to the V and A to see the Memory Palace exhibition. In terms of visual recording, it was near on impossible due to the restrictions on photography and sketching. The work itself at times was beautiful and thought provoking; it was however the design of the exhibition and the narrative throughout that captured my attention most. The story, written by Hari Kunzru, is an exploration of a dystopian London in which memory no longer exists. In the exhibit itself, there were quotes of this story placed on the walls such as 'watching the jewels in my memory palace spin and turn, gorgeous and bright'. It is quotes such as this that have inspired me to create pieces in my sketchbook exploring ideas of memory and it's importance. I wanted to make a piece that heavily explores typography as it played such a big role in Memory Palace (seen on the right). I also explored an idea that came to me whilst in the exhibition and that was the idea of the skull being some kind of cabinet; a cabinet full of items each containing memories and so the piece on the left represents this.

We also visited the Serpentine gallery pavilion created by Sou Fujimoto which is a latticed structure of steel poles. It is delicate yet bold through the use of steel and is somewhat beautiful. 
The varying angles create an almost pattern like feel to the structure and gives the piece a multi layered feel. The use of white steel works really well as the structure possesses a minimalist feel. The 3d nature of the piece  allows different angles to create a multitude of pattern like shots. After seeing this for the 2nd time, I think I appreciated it more.

In the park, we also visited the Peter Pan memorial as the nature of the story is that of refusing to grow up and turn childhood into a mere memory. The statue itself possesses a whimsical and beautiful aesthetic with a fine attention to detail.

Coming up soon in my blog: the burial of my sentimental objects.

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