Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The first day.

This is the first taught day at Ravensbourne on the Design & Media foundation course and it began with choosing a selection of objects linked to the past and present.The project is based on memory and so I tried to choose a range of objects that have particularly strong memories or feelings attached to them. Below is a photograph of my objects and a list detailing what they are:

1. a childhood book, 2. a sleeping beauty toy that was on top of my 9th Birthday cake, 3. a selection of family photos, 4. my favourite shirt, 5. a book I made in year 2, 6. a watch my childhood best friend bought me, 7. the book that initiated my love for illustration, 8. a toy dinosaur that featured in my last art project, 9. the bonnet I wore as a baby, 10. a bow I made at age 14, 11. a commemorative framed piece of my birth
A close up of my commemorative framed piece
A close up of my favourite shirt
I created and experimented with physical compositions to create a drawing from and settled on this arrangement, merging my shirt with a family photo, a toy from my 9th Birthday cake and the commemorative framed piece


These are photos taken whilst working in the studio space and give a little insight into my working environment:

This is the finished piece I created and I am really pleased with the result as I feel it has captured my illustrative style successfully. I have also experimented with not only medium use but scale which was an objective of the day.It combines the shape of my shirt with the toy and there is also a small line drawing of the family photo. The various excerpts of text are from the framed commemorative piece and capture a sense of time and memory of the moments around the year of my birth.

These images are a selection of close ups of the piece I created, focusing on different aspects of the work:

font created from plasticine

a section of text created using a variety of markers

a line drawing recreation of a family photo

Coming up soon in my blog: a selection of collages exploring scale using photocopies of the objects featured in the piece above.

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