Sunday, 6 October 2013

Graphics rotation reflective summary

I think I got on well with the tasks given in graphics as my style leans most towards the illustration element of graphics. I am pleased with the work I created in this rotation as I feel it expresses the style of work I like to make. I got positive comments about my work and this helped the development of my work as it encouraged me to pursue the style I was working in. I have learnt from the overall tasks the importance of planning as it really does allow you to produce a final design you are pleased with. As I am used to working in this kind of style without planning collages and poster like work, I found it quite hard to plan designs as I prefer to just go ahead and make them. However, I learnt this is not how it works in the graphics industry. I found this useful to know as I realised this is not what I want to pursue as I do not enjoy doing mini thumbnails designs like I enjoyed designed different garments in fashion. I think my use of media in my poster works well as it conveys the mixed media aesthetic I try to portray in my work generally. I was not happy with the use of the font I created on Day 2 in my final poster as I did not realise how faint it would be against the contrast of the bold dinosaur shapes. I found the planning aspects of this rotation challenging as tasks such as creating fonts and posters is something I like to anyway and so it felt unnatural doing it as an instruction rather than an instinctive part of the way I make my work. I suppose what I found easy was what I also struggled with in that the tasks were things I had done previously and so I almost slipped into auto-pilot rather than trying to be as innovative as I would naturally try to be.  To improve my time management, I would be more ambitious in what I created as I had quite a lot of time left over. I did however manage to make something extra although I would have preferred to put more time into a more developed final poster.  This will improve future planning as I will try and be more ambitious and recognise what I am capable of doing as opposed to sticking to my presumed capability.

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