Sunday, 6 October 2013

Day 2-Graphics pathway

Day two was focused on a crucial element of the world of graphics which is typography. We began the day by watching a selection of short films and looking at various images relating to graphics. One of which was about Milton Glaser, the designer of the I heart NY sign, and so it was really interesting to hear from someone who had designed something so simple but hugely famous. We then had to create ten different ways of mark making in different letter forms.After this we had to create a list of ten things we did in our mark making and ten we didn't to see how we could have experimented further. My experiments can be seen below:

The next stage was to take our favourite experiment and create a whole alphabet from it. I really liked mine and will definitely be using it again- this is an image of my typography:

The last part of the day was to take an existing font and use it to make a word. I chose one from the sheet we had been given and decorated it with coloured fine liners to create my name. This can be seen below:

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