Thursday, 3 October 2013

Fashion research-Ravensbourne BA fashion 2013

As I have decided to specialise in fashion, I have been researching different possibilities for my degree location and chose to start with where I am currently at: Ravensbourne. After visiting the degree show in June, I really liked a few graduates including Josephine Pettman, Rose Blair and Clio Peppiatt and decided to research more graduates from this course. I found the website Catwalking ( which had all the images from the Ravensbourne show and I realised the sheer amount of talent that came from this year's graduates. With a mix of an abundance of pattern and illustration to well considered tailoring, the show as a whole contained everything I love about fashion. This exploration into the work that can be created has really made me consider Ravensbourne as a potential degree choice. I've made a collage using images from here ( and features particular looks that I really liked which can be seen below:

I just love inverting the colours when I'm on Paint

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