Sunday, 13 October 2013

Day 3-Lens Based Media

Today was based on creating a finished storyboard of the images we took on our self directed study day. The first set of images is a love story about two dinosaurs but the struggle is the inclusion of the rugrats toy who is already with one of the dinosaurs. The green dinosaur overcomes this however by fighting with the rugrats toy for the love of the purple dinosuar. 

the green dinosaur is sad as he doesnt really have any friends

he spots some potential friends and falls in love at first sight with the purple dinosaur
the rugrats toy starts a fight with the green dinosaur as he feels threatened that he will take his girlfriend
she steps in as she quite fancies the green dinosaur and is fed of the rugrat toy's laddish behaviour

the green dinosaur uses his dinosaur strength and pushes him to the ground

the dinosaurs go off happily ever after-that is until extinction...

After talking to my peers about my story, I decided to change it into a story about friendship rather than the more common love story just by rearranging the same six images.

the rugrat toy is fighting with the green dinosaur as he doesn't want him in the friend group
the purple dinosaur steps in as she rather quite likes him
the green dinosaur uses his dinosaur strength to push the rugrats toy over
the green and purple dinosaurs can still be friends and enjoy a moment together

however the rugrat toy steps in after he has regained his strength and uses his manly charms to get the purple dinosaur back on his side
the green dinosaur is sad and resigns himself to a life of depression, daytime tv and dinosaur dating sites

Group critique of my story:

-liked the way I have used the background to my advantage in my images
-liked that I made the dinosaurs myself as it has more of a personal feel
-liked that the characters are fantasy but the core story is relatable to humans
-clear and easy to understand

The next step of the day was to work together to create a story together based on someone's story board. We didn't choose mine but chose one of my peers' story. I do not have the images myself but the story went like this:

-a woman is in a war torn Dubai and is rescued by a soldier
-he brings her over on a plane to live in London 
-she has her dream house bought for her and is finally not isolated however she has to deal with the culture changes and language barriers
-she then marries the man that rescued her whilst heavily pregnant
-she rushes to the hospital as her waters break on the day, whilst her husband follows in a car behind but he crashes and passes away
-she gives birth to twins and realises she will never be lonely as the babies are a part of him

The critique of our story was positive on the whole as the class felt it was a well thought out story that had potential to be developed. However, once we discussed it further we realised the portrayal of the protaganist was somewhat stereotypical in the gender roles as she is passive and rescued by a man. If this story were to be pursued, we were instructed to consider this and try and present the female in a stronger light.

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  1. Reviewing your initial series of six photographs on your blog as well as in class I feel that your story has been developed really well and has become a much more realistic as well as unexpected concept from an average love film. This is something which makes the second story much more interesting which is why I think your redraft was successful. If you could develop this task perhaps you could try adding one more struggle to allow the green dinosaur win the purple dinosaur to see If it adds anything more to the storyline. The overall photo work is really good and you have clearly established shots to represent and add emphasis the situation which I think makes the story more engaging for audiences. From reviewing this post I have been able to verify how you have took on consideration of other people in your critique to identify what things you need to do to make your story clear. Overall I feel that the story is successful because it flows well and I did feel sad with the main character- which shows I empathised and was connected to the story.