Monday, 7 October 2013

Day 1-Lens Based Media

Today began with a powerpoint about what this pathway would involve and it was interesting to see all the avenues it could lead to, however I am sure that I will be choosing the fashion and textiles pathway. We then had a presentation about the power of the lens and learnt about the origins of the camera from Galileo's telescope to Camera Obscura techniques. I found interesting the discussion of the camera's function as a protector of moments and memories as it captures a point in time forever unlike our fading memories. After this, we had to choose one image of the pictures we had taken to recreate on A1 paper. I chose the image of the fashion show crowd as we had one hour to complete the piece and I wanted to set myself a challenge. The image itself is below and so is the drawing. We also had to complete an exercise in cropping the image to reshape the meaning and the content which I have also done. I decided to use cropping to shape the relations between the crowd members as with each cropped image, everyone appears to be with different people.

another little study I did at home from the image

We then had to take pictures around Greenwich Peninsula based on several words which are listed under the images below:





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