Sunday, 13 October 2013

Day 2-Lens Based Media

Today was all about character development and creating stories in a group. In the morning we watched a few short films, including Fridge, and discussed the key components of a good story. We realised that within the beginning, middle and end there needs to be a struggle and a resolution. We completed a series of different tasks today to reach the point of creating story boards which can be seen in this post.

these are six characters i created based on people I have come across in my life
these are some characters created by my group
these are 12 characters we developed as a group
a shot of our working space featuring the a1 collaborative development sheet

these are the four characters we chose to develop

we then had to develop a story including a struggle and a solution for each character

this is the group storyboard page we created and features two of the stories which include rupert the dinosaur at the top and the cass art dream guy in the middle and their stories
This is a video of a group stop frame animation we created:

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