Sunday, 20 October 2013

Two exhibitions I went to this weekend-Brutal and ICA Off-Site

This is just a quick post about two exhibitions I went to this weekend whilst taking a break from getting ready for assessment. I didn't take any pictures due to recent camera issues but instead just tried to enjoy the exhibition in the moment. The first exhibition I went to was on Friday evening and was at the 180 strand, a large dilapidated building that was absolutely perfect as a backdrop for the work. The exhibition was called Brutal( and was meant to put viewers on edge and re imagine the gallery as a setting for art. It began with a performance piece of three gas mask wearing boys with baseball bats and metal poles which immediately heightened your awareness. You then followed them to the main gallery space and down stairs to a labyrinth style expanse with dark lighting, dripping sounds and deliberately frightening work. It was one of the best exhibitions I have ever been to and I would highly recommend it- I will probably go back to take photographs as I can foresee the aesthetics of both the building and the artwork providing influence in the future  The second exhibition I went to was on Saturday and I had been meaning to go for a long time. It was the ICA Off-Site: A Journey Through London Subculture: 1980's to Now ( and included work from some of my favourite designers, Giles Deacon, Julie Verhoeven and Meadham Kirchoff. Although more typical in it's method of displaying compared to Brutal, it was still a really interesting visit and I am definitely glad I caught the exhibition in time.

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