Monday, 21 October 2013

Reflective summary of the Exploratory stage

I have really enjoyed the exploratory stage as a whole as it has been a good chance to try out pathways  that I have previously touched on as part of my education. The pathway I enjoyed most has to be Fashion and Textiles as I relished the chance for creative freedom and found the process from sample to the photo shoot of the garment the most satisfying. It made it easier to understand the journey designers go on and felt like a good taster of what would be to come if you chose that pathway-I have decided to choose this pathway for a number of reasons. I did however enjoy different elements of all the rotations such as the unexpected nature of 3D and the chance to fully test out what we had made. In the graphics pathway, I found the creation of typography interesting as you can create letters from the most unlikely of experiments. The lens based media rotation made me realise the importance of a story and it was fun developing a story in groups and hearing what others had created. If I were to complete the exploratory stage again, I would try to be even more experimental in the rotations that I wasn't immediately drawn to as this is an experience I won't really get again. I am however pleased with the work I created over the time and I am also glad of the student blog, despite it feeling a chore at times, as it allows me to go back and see the moments that already feel a long time ago.

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