Sunday, 13 October 2013

Lens Based Media rotation reflective summary

I think I got on well with the tasks I was given as I tried to put effort into each task and thought carefully about what I would create. I am quite pleased with what I have achieved on the whole especially the drawing from one of the images from memories in my environment. I also like the pictures I took which were inspired by a selection of words including happy, sad and echo. I was less pleased with the storytelling element of the work I made as I don't think it was as strong as the visual elements of the work I created. I got positive feedback about my work and this helped as it is a nice feeling to know that other people appreciate the work you make. I have learnt from the overall tasks that the story is just as important as the visual result and that goes for all pathways not just lens based media. I learnt this during the rotation in general as it was very heavily story based and I will use this in my future work whatever I create as it gives the work more depth. I think the work I created was successful in that I still managed to retain my style such as through the inclusion of dinosaurs in my story as this is a motif that has ran throughout my work in the other rotations. I was not happy with the story telling elements of my work as I think I could have put more time into creating more original and well developed stories as opposed to referring back to common stories that have been recreated several times. I don't think I found any elements of this rotation particularly easy as I am not used to the camera being my main focus (excuse the pun) rather it being an accompaniment to my mixed media style. My time management could have been improved in that I should have spent more time considering the shots as opposed to rushing into shooting. I will learn from this in that the planning is crucial to the final result no matter what you are creating.

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