Saturday, 5 October 2013

Day 1-Graphics pathway

Today we began by watching a short video to widen our horizons out of the design world (not exactly sure of what was happening due to lack of volume) and then we began to draw. The main subject of the day was faces and we completed a variety of drawings using various techniques. The method(and blog link of the subject) will be detailed in the caption.

eyes shut- Alice (
wrong hand( right)- Meg (unable to find blog)
pen in mouth- Josa (
standing up self portrait

The next stage of the day was to spend 20 minutes drawing the ear of the person next to us in order for us to really investigate the visual elements of the ear. My drawing can be seen below:

all of our drawings together
my drawing is in the centre of this image with the dangly earring
The next stage of the day was to use the images of celebrities we had brought in and collage them to make a new face. I used an image of King Krule ( and the eyes of the actor Cillian Murphy for my first collage. For the second, I used Will Smith's face, Bjork's eyes and A$AP Rocky's mouth to create the new face. I am really pleased with the work as I think this mismatching suits my style and material choices well. After making the collages, we then chose a section of one with viewfinders, we made from paper, that we would recreate ourselves. These images can be seen below. 

'King Cillian'

'When Will met A$AP and Bjork'

the section I chose with my viewfinder

the image I created from my viewfinder

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