Sunday, 2 March 2014

Sportswear evaluation

I think I got on well with this task as I really enjoy looking at sportswear for inspiration. I am happy with my final result that I achieved from this project as I think I managed to reclaim the vision I had for the project thanks to a tutor's advice and guidance. I think my designs and work have been successful as they capture elements of sportswear without explicitly copying features of the garments. I received positive feedback but as I mentioned before it was one of my tutor's advice that refocused me as to what my aims for the final design were. This was really good to have this kind of support. From this project, I have learnt it is important to go outside your comfort zone in terms of aesthetics but also not to lose what it is you love to create.
This will help me in the future as I will ensure I keep striving to be creative and innovative.
I think my work was successful in that alongside the sport I included, football, and the London Landmark, Arsenal Football Club, I managed to create a personal connection to the project as Arsenal are a big part of family memories. This allowed a lot of my research to be primary which will always work the best. Initially I was not happy with the overly gimmicky style that had woven its way into the project however I managed to work with it and bring back the sentimentality and nostalgia that I first tried to put across.
I think my time management was a slight problem in that my eureka moment came very late towards the end and so it meant I could not experiment further before final design stage. However, I was still incredibly pleased with the designs I create and so it did not seem to much of an issue in this instance.

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