Sunday, 2 March 2014

Culture evaluation

I think I got on really well with this task as I was really enthusiastic about choosing my cultures and final settled on Donk and Lions. I collected all my research which was a mix of primary and secondary resources but at first it didn't seem to be used in an effective way which was discussed at the mid point crit. I however took this on board and reworked it until I felt I could gain some inspiration from it. This actually proved integral to the finl imagery in the designs. I am really interested in print within my work and developed an abstract lion image that I chose to work into my designs. I am really happy with what I achieved as I think I have managed to combine two unlikely cultures and made something that seems to represent my interests and aesthetic throughout. I received positive feedback alongside constructive criticism which is incredibly important as it is crucial to keep pushing your work.
I think my work is successful in that I have pushed myself in terms of aesthetic and colours used and I have tried to step out of my comfort zone. I initially was not happy with my early research in that I hadn't really taken much from it but after reworking it this was not an issue. I found the idea creation easier than the execution but I am constantly trying to push myself practically as well as design wise. 
My time management could definitely have been improved as I didn't set out with a clear plan of the 3 weeks we had. This however is a good thing to have experienced as I will be much more aware of this during my FMP.

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