Saturday, 1 March 2014

Deconstruction/Reconstruction evaluation

Initially with this project I think i struggled as we began with stand work using the garments we had brought in to deconstruct and then reconstruct however I enjoyed the self directed research I did including designer Maison Martin Margiela. However I really enjoyed and threw myself into the muse creation which then got me started on the project more successfully. I am really pleased with what I created from this project as I think it was successful in terms it being heavily design based. I then made a garment from this which I was incredibly proud of. I got positive feedback from others about my sketchbook and garment as people really liked the experimental nature of the project and also thought it worked well in terms of aesthetics. From this project, I have learnt it is possible to create interesting garments from old items of clothing that initially do not look as if they would work. I will use this in future within other work as I will always consider using things that at first do not seem to be usable. 

I think my work is successful in image in that I have combined a range of fabrics that may at first be considered ugly/tacky/childish but I have developed them into a garment that fits amongst the world of contemporary menswear. I was not at first overly happy with the colours of some of the garments I chose to deconstruct but I worked around that by whittling down the fabrics that I would work with until I had built a colour scheme I was happy with. I thought I would find the construction element of this project difficult as I do not have a huge amount of sewing skills however I really enjoyed this part and think I actually did quite well in this area. I do not think my time management was an issue in this project as I successfully completed all the tasks within time and did a well planned photo shoot. 

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