Sunday, 1 December 2013

Industry style project-reflective summary

I think I got on really well with the tasks given as I threw myself into each task and made sure each step of the project was done to my satisfaction. I think what we created as a group was successful and I think we captured the essence of J.W Anderson's aesthetic in our project. The biggest issues in our project was group work in that there were breakdowns of communication and also some group members did not put in as much effort as others. From this I learnt the importance of having a team that are all as engaged as each other as it causes resentment and issues within the group. I felt it was quite unfair that due to group members slacking it resulted in myself taking on double the work however I wish I had sorted it out earlier to ensure I could have put more time into my design work. The most challenging thing I have faced in this project has to be the group work itself and not the actual creating. The work itself I really enjoyed and found quite natural to do especially the styling for the photo shoot which has to be a highlight of the project. In terms of my design work, I am relatively pleased with my final designs however I wish I had spent less time on promotion duties and making the presentation; this would have enabled me to develop my designs further. I think in terms of planning and management skills I did really well as I kind of took on the unofficial role of group manager which meant keeping everything in order and checking everybody had completed tasks on schedule with our planning. In order to improve in the future, I would have sorted out any group issues earlier so everyone was made to pull their weight more.

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