Sunday, 1 December 2013

3 Words project-reflective summary

For this project, I think I got on really well with the given tasks as I tried really hard not to rely on the internet and thought out of the box in terms of research.  I also think I did well in terms of combining unusual words to create something unique. I think I got on well with the task in that I am a good independent worker and seemed to get a good reception towards my work. From this project, I have learnt the importance of not just relying on google for research purposes as not having that to depend means you find unusual, more interesting imagery and information. I will use this in the future in that I will try and think more laterally as opposed to trying to find the more obvious resources. I think the aesthetic I have created for this project works really well as I think it displays my personal style and enables me to have a series of projects that appear cohesive and are injected with a sense of my personality. The thing I found most challenging was at the beginning due to a lack of available resources on the boy band East 17 however I overcame this well as I found alternative resources whilst I waited for my East 17 book to arrive from Amazon. If I were to improve my project, I would work on the designing aspects and put more time into the design work.

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