Thursday, 14 November 2013

Fashion and textiles pathway-styling and photography

Today was focused on styling and photography and was a really enjoyable day. We had to bring in a photobooth style self portrait (which can be seen below) and I chose to use images of my shoes and socks to evoke a sense of my personality through the clashing patterns and colours that inspire me daily.

We then had a talk on styling and photography which I found really interesting and it went through different people in the industry, some of whom were new to me. A particularly good discovery was the work of Alisdair Mclennan and Alister Mackie who have worked together on the magazine, Another Man. With their inspirations drawing heavily from the music of the twentieth century and its associated style, these were really great names to find out about. We then moved onto the styling workshop which was really fun as we only had a short time to create a variety of looks using not only our own styling kits, but each others. Below are a selection of images that were taken during the workshop:


The next part of the day involved planning a photoshoot that expresses our personality through the styling. I decided my concept would be styling my mum as if she were me in order to display any similarities between us. I then decided to include my dad in the shoot in order to try out men's styling, an area I am really keen to explore. I also decided I wanted the aesthetic of the shoot to resemble teen bedrooms inspired by films such as Grease and The Virgin Suicides. I then created a variety of moodboards that explored poses, styling, location, hair and makeup and lighting. The aesthetic of these aided my decision in the style of my folder for the two week project.

I then completed the photoshoot in my own time which can be seen below. I am extremely pleased with how the shoot turned out as I think I managed to sucessfully capture the mood I desired. I also hope the images show the detailed planning I put into the shoot and I think they've achieved their aim in exploring parental similarites between myself and my parents.

I really enjoyed this workshop and I think I got on well with the task as I put a lot of effort into each stage. I am really pleased with what I achieved and I think it was successful in that I followed an idea from beginning to end and learnt about all the different stages involved in styling and photography. I recieved positive feedback about the work I completed which helps give me confidence about what I have created. I have learnt how detailed the process of planning and executing a shoot is from this workshop which is good as I haven't really completely done a shoot from concept to finished images before. I could have improved my planning better in that I spent time choosing each outfit rather than trying to put them together during the shoot. This has made me learn that each step needs to be completed before the shoot as this put time constraints on the shoot. The lack of light did however make me realise I could create effective imagery using flash and I realised I liked this aesthetic along with the natural light. An important thing I learnt from the shoot was that I really enjoyed men's styling and I found it almost came more naturally than styling for a woman. Although I really enjoyed the styling, I am sure I want to do a design degree and this experimentation into menswear has made me seriously consider menswear.

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