Thursday, 14 November 2013

Fashion and textiles pathway-knitting

Today we started the first day of our pathway stages and in my case this is fashion and textiles. After a short introduction to the pathway, we began the knitting workshop. After seeing these machines being used by others in the past six weeks, I was eager to try them. We had an introduction on how to set up the machine and begin using them followed by a tutorial on several different techniques and styles, such as lacehole and orange peel. This then culminated in the creation of an a4 size sample that combined different techniques and allowed us to properly experiment with the complex machines. I struggled initially with the completion of the small samples and fell a little behind however after perservering, I managed to achieve something that resembled knitting. I enjoyed the task overall and I think with more practise I would be able to create work that sat well amongst my existing style. From this task, I have learnt that it is crucial to keep trying and not give up as it is possible to expand your skills. I think my samples have a certain character to them despite lacking a high technical ability. I like the way in which I worked with technical issues, such as a broken needle that created laddering, to make them part of the design. There was no part of the knitting workshop that I found particularly easy as it was a completely new process and skill to learn. This workshop was difficult in terms of time management as I fell behind due to being unable to complete samples in time. I however spent extra time working on them to complete the tasks. I'm not sure how I would improve upon this as I am aware it takes me a while to learn skills and so I know to allow extra time to grasp the steps.

I also took my samples further by photocopying them, changing the hue and collaging on top of them. I am really pleased with the results as I think they capture the style I work in and personalise the knitting.

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