Thursday, 14 November 2013

Fashion and textiles pathway-photoshop workshops

Two days of the introductory project focused on using photoshop to create digital prints. This was really interesting as I have wanted to know how to create repeat prints for quite a while now. The first session was an introduction into the different techniques and skills needed to make the prints and two examples we created can be seen below:

The second session was focused on using what we had learnt to make prints using imagery that related to us specifcally. I chose a selection of images from my moodboard to draw as I wanted to make prints that didn't use photographs themselves. I am really happy with how the prints came out as I think I managed to capture my style whilst using the digital media, which can sometimes be difficult. I think I got on well with the task as I really liked being able to experiment with photoshop and liked learning how to create digital collages. I have learnt that it takes quite a long time to create successful images digitally and it isn't as much of a quick solution if you want to make work that possesses your personality. Below are the images of my drawings, digital collages and prints:

We also learnt about rendering which you can use to place the patterns you make on top of figures in order to see how they would work on garments. Below are my prints on Erdem and Givenchy catwalk looks:

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